Stop Bedwetting Older Child Hypnosis (audio)

Stop Bedwetting Older Child Hypnosis (audio)


Stop Bedwetting Older Child Hypnosis is self-hypnosis with positive suggestions recommended for older children, adolescents and adults.

The audio combines self-hypnosis techniques, guided imagery and positive suggestions for staying dry at night and feeling confident that this can be achieved.

Since children are usually very good hypnotic subjects, it would seem useful to consider the possibility of hypnosis for assisting a child in learning dryness. Dr Janet Hall says: “In my experience, hypnosis is especially useful with older children – children above the age of eight – who have found their wetting problem to become an increasing source of embarrassment and cause for concern.”

Parents are cautioned to seek a therapist who is a qualified and registered hypnotist.
Dr Janet Hall is a member of the Australian Society of Hypnosis.

Dr Jan will often make a personalised audio recording, with direct suggestions for the child to integrate mind and body well-being and comfort. In some cases a story might be told on the audio about another child who managed to learn to stay dry or overcame an obstacle that was interfering with their achieving a specific goal. Suggestions are also made for increased confidence and positive feelings of self-esteem. A main goal is to assist the child in having calming and confident thoughts prior to sleep and in focusing on achieving any worthwhile aim that they set.