Stop Bedwetting Parent Essential Information Guide (audio)

Stop Bedwetting Parent Essential Information Guide (audio)


Do you want to end your frustration and your child’s embarrassment NOW?

Imagine this. Your child is due to go to their school camp but is very anxious that they will be teased because they wet the bed!

If you want to stop having to wash wet, smelly sheets…if your son or daughter is too afraid to go to a sleepover or… your child has never had a dry night or has had short periods of being dry, and if you want to help your child boost his or her self-esteem by being permanently dry at night…then you have found the answers.

Finally you can help your child and you can beat the problem together with Dr Janet Hall’s advice on Stop Bedwetting.

The first thing to know is the facts about bladder control. By the age of five, ninety percent of children are dry at night. Up to the age of ten there is at least one in ten who may still have a problem in staying dry. When I work with children I tell them “that means that there’s at least one other child in your class who’s still wetting” and I ask the child, “Do you know who that other child is?” And they ask me “No, who is it?” as if I’d know. It certainly reassures the child to know that they’re not the only one.

Some facts include:

  • Children need to understand that their brain can control their bladder.
  • One in ten children up to the age of ten are still wetting the bed.
  • Of the children who follow Dr Jan’s guidelines, 90% become dry.
  • The key is a positive, caring treatment program where the child is encouraged to know that dryness is achieved by his or her own efforts .