Stop Bedwetting Younger Child Hypnosis (audio)

Stop Bedwetting Younger Child Hypnosis (audio)


Stop Bed Wetting Younger Child Hypnosis is a self-hypnosis story directed at younger children (ages 3 to 8).

Dr Janet Hall explains how the child’s brain needs to tell the body to either wake up and go to the toilet during the night, or how your brain can tell your bladder muscle “Be quiet, shut up, and let me sleep all night”.

By listening to this you’ll get an extra sort of reminder to your brain to be the boss of your bladder while you sleep. The audio is for you to play before you go to bed at night.

The story recording is positive, and has a calming relaxation effect on the child which can impact all areas of the child’s life, not just staying dry at night. There are direct suggestions about increasing self esteem and self confidence and very best of all, with the story recording, the child is independently pursuing his or her own cure.

Since children are usually very good hypnotic subjects, it would seem useful to consider the possibility of hypnosis for assisting a child in learning dryness.

Parents are cautioned to seek a therapist who is a qualified and registered hypnotist. Dr Janet Hall is a member of the Australian Society of Hypnosis.

Dr Jan will often make a personalised audio recording, with direct suggestions for the child to integrate mind and body well-being and comfort. Suggestions are also made for increased confidence and positive feelings of self-esteem. A main goal is to assist the child in having calming and confident thoughts prior to sleep.