Congratulations on making the decision to bring positive change into your life! Here at Dr Jan's Online store you will find a selection of books, audio recordings and other tools designed to promote health and well-being in all aspects of your personal life and relationships. Dr Jan's hypnotherapy recordings are derived from her professional hypnotherapy practice, and will assist you in your goals to: stop smoking, lose weight, gain confidence, and much more. Dr Jan has also written several books in areas of: Parenting & family life and Sex Therapy. You can find all of these in the menu to the left.  

Help for Parents

stop-temper-tantrum-in-toddlersStop Tantrums Now!

How to handle and prevent tantrums in toddlers.

  • Applies across all ages, from the terrible two year olds, to “testy” teenagers and even to road rage adults!
  • Empowers parents with safety-net procedures for tantrums which produce least fuss
  • 100% 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

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parenting-self-esteem-confidenceSuper-boost your child’s self esteem

How you can best support your child to build strong, confident self-esteem which endures and lasts inspite of life’s tough times

  • Understanding the nature of self-esteem
  • The three keys to coaching your child towards a solid self-esteem
  • Learn how to help your child cope with failure

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parenting-guide-quick-referenceThe Super Parent Survival Guide

A that serves as a quick reference guide, with A-Z instant strategies for handling child problems

  • A valuable resource for ideas and also for regaining your sense of humour and equilibrium
  • Keep it on your kitchen bench, in your car or anywhere handy!
  • Also available as an e-book

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Stop Bedwetting

Boss of the Bladder Your child can be Boss of the Bladder

Realistic prevention, management and even cure strategies for bedwetting.

  • The best-selling book from Dr Janet Hall
  • Available as a book, ebook, audio recording or both
  • Everybody boosts their self-esteem when children get dry!

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Easy Toilet TrainingToilet training, the easy way

The easy procedure for effective toilet training which doesn’t make you pull your hair out.

  • Essential steps of toilet training
  • Procedures for effective toilet training with maximum ease and fun for all

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Stop Smoking

Stop-smoking-with-hypnosis-and-hypnotherapyEnjoy being healthy and proud of your decision to quit smoking forever.

Dr Jan’s quit smoking program supports you to stop smoking naturally.

  • Frustrated by the amount of times have you tried to quit?
  • Sick of feeling sick… worried about your health?
  • Tired of everyone giving you quit smoking tips but nothing changes?

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how-to-quit-smoking-hypnosis-hypnotherapyQuit Smoking Today

From the comfort and privacy of your own home

  • Dr Jan’s audio recordings will guide you through the process
  • Listen at your own pace
  • 100% 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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Sex Therapy

premature-ejaculation-natural-treatmentYou can stop premature ejaculation

Dr. Janet Hall’s expert advice for men wanting to overcome premature ejaculation and have long lasting sex without any drugs

  • Understand the nature of premature ejaculation, it’s causes and the long-term consequences of not treating the problem
  • Ideal for the single man or for a couple to listen to together in privacy.
  • Hypnotic suggestions to help with rehearsal of successful erections and control of negative thoughts to last longer and achieving sensational sex

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how-to-have-orgasms-womenAchieving fabulous orgasms for women

You deserve great sex – it’s ok to receive and enjoy sex!

  • Dr Janet Hall’s expert advice for women on experiencing sensational sex with specific emphasis on achieving orgasm
  • Common obstacles to women learning how to orgasm and examines that controversial issue – should a woman fake her orgasm?
  • A step-by-step treatment program and hypnotic suggestions to support women in achieving orgasms.

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impotence-natural-treatment-achieving-erectionsTake control and learn how to achieve and maintain erections

You deserve great sex – it’s ok to receive and enjoy sex!

  • Invaluable information on the nature of erections, obstacles to achieving them and a treatment program for both achieving and maintaining erections
  • Ideal for the single man to listen to in privacy, or for a couple to listen to together.
  • Also includes hypnotic suggestions to help with rehearsal of successful erections and control of negative thoughts to achieve sensational sex.

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