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As someone who spends a fair amount of time on the internet, I find myself very concerned with security, especially when it comes to divulging personal information and credit card details.

When you make a purchase on this online store, your personal details are hidden from potential hackers and other unsavoury types through SSL encryption technology.

You can check for yourself: When you are entering personal information, look for the security certificate symbol, located to the right of the address bar at the top of the screen (on some browsers it is displayed in the bottom right corner of the window).

The security certificate symbol appears on the pages on this site where you enter credit card details. All other areas do not require SSL.

If you click on the padlock, you will be able to view the trusted 3rd party which will verify the identity of the site.

If instead of the security symbol you see an error, do not divulge any sensitive information as it may not be safe. I would recommend that you close that particular website. This applies to all websites you visit on the web!

Our Security Guarantee

If any unverified charges show up from my site in your credit card bill, simply email a copy of the bill to and I will refund the full amount that you were charged.


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