Learn the latest breakthroughs in maximising your sexuality (confidently and anonymously) in the privacy of your own home or car. Tackle just about any relationship or sexual problem confidently and easily by following the guidelines Jan provides. With patience, and the help from these CDs, sensational sex is just around the corner…

A broad range of sexual issues are covered, from fixing sexual problems to maximising pleasure from sex. Most major issues relating to sex are discussed on these CDs, and with Jan’s clinical experience she has learned what solutions work best for these issues. Rare is the person who doesn’t want to improve their enjoyment of sex, so there is something here for everyone.

Why audio?

  • You can listen to it anywhere
  • Completely anonymous
  • You can listen again and again
  • Aural stimulation is exciting!

You can..

  • Maximise your orgasms
  • Tantalise and titillate your partner
  • Prevent sexual problems
  • Boost your sexual self-esteem
  • Enjoy your full sexual potential!

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